About Boston Dog Company

Boston Dog Company is an award-winning dog daycare focused on delivery dog happiness! We are the only dog daycare that walks dog every 2-3 hours to the park. We offer Dog Daycare, Dog Walking, Dog Boarding, Pet Sitting, dog training and dog grooming service. Our specialized Dog Services ensures each dog receives specialized care every dog deserves. Click to watch video of dogs having fun!

Boston Dog offers:

  • Professional staff available 24/7
  • The Best Dog Daycare in Acton, Cambridge, and Somerville.
  • Cage-Free Dog Boarding
  • Dog Walking Services
  • Dog Sitting
  • Pet Taxi Service
  • Grooming Services
  • Retail
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Dog Daycare

The Dog Daycare at Boston Dog is the best in Acton, Cambridge and Somerville. Not only do we have the longest hours (7am to 7pm) and are the most affordable of any dog daycare in Acton, Cambridge, and Somerville we treat your dog as a member of our family. Dogs in our daycare play and have fun, are walked every 2-3 hours for at least 20 minutes and are shown the affection that they deserve for their health and happiness. We are also in the process of installing our "Pet Cam" system so you will be able to observe your dog having fun in our daycare right at your convenience on your computer, laptop or smartphone via our iPhone or Droid app. Click to watch video of dogs having fun!

Dog Walking

Are you fed up with your current dog walker taking your four legged friend out for only 20 minutes when you paid for an hour? When the staff at Boston Dog tells you that we walk your dog for an hour, we mean a full 60 minutes, not 20 minutes walking and 40 minutes unaccounted for. But how will you know for sure? Well, the Dog Walking service at Boston Dog guarantees you the full amount of time you pay for by giving you proof. When we take your dog out for a walk, we will put a GPS enabled collar on your furry friend so that you can track your dog being walked. There will also be a record produced of the route and time of the walk if you are unable to use live tracking.
Boston Dog has partnered with local veterinarians and animal hospital to provide exceptionally personal care. Each day we have both veterinary technicians and pet trainers on staff.
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